Weather’s latest exploits:

The upper Mid-West just experienced one of the largest November tornado outbreaks on record. It totaled around 40 tornados, including 2 in Illinois rated at category EF4. There are no records of an EF4 in Illinois this late in the season – until a few days ago – on Sunday, November 17.

Otsego County, Michigan, can now claim a place in record books for the northernmost tornado this late in the year for that state.

The reporting of the damage momentarily eclipsed last week’s record typhoon ‘Haiyan’ in the Philippines, which arrived remarkably close to the anniversary of last year’s record storm ‘Sandy’…

This is beginning to sound like a broken record (no pun intended!).

The same story over and over:

Unusually strong storms,
At unusual times,
In unusual places…

We have said many of these things before – yet so has the weather…

We argue about whether climate is changing, yet it speaks for itself.
Weather will win that argument, for it does what it will.

Weather is not to be played with, though it can be playful…

We can make up all sorts of stories about why weather is doing what it is doing,
but its truth is nothing we can imagine.

Weather is real, totally honest. It will never deceive or mislead.

When we face the fact that we are utterly dependant on forces that we cannot control, then maybe we will have the humility to learn from it, to relate to it (which just might be a run for cover!) – to meet weather on its own terms…