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What Calls Weather Down?


In this intense investigation of “weather working,” we dive into mystery and miracles. Opening two way conversations and cultivating profound relationships, we seek to be deep friends with the realm we live in and the weathers that flow through and inhabit that realm. Further understandings of the nature of Power in the Middle World will be one of the results.

Prerequisite – Completion of the weather shamanism gateway workshops:

  • Intro to Weather Shamanism (level I and II – Intro to Weather Shamanism and Weather in the Middle World). If you have not taken it, it is offered in Millis, MA on June 29 – July 1, 2018. Contact Dave Perry to register (508-376-6298 or dperryeyeoftheheart@gmail.com).
  • Weather, Creation and Us (also known as level III). If you have not taken it, click here to register for the July 21 & 22, 2018 class in Wakefield, RI).


Register here: Shaman’s Flame

For more information contact: Peter Clark

Email: peterclark13@gmail.com

Phone: 802-456-8735