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Intro to Weather Shamanism Levels I & II



A Shamanic Path of Discovery, Personal Growth, Meaning of Life and Global Healing.

A form of spiritual ecology – a call to those who care about where our world may be heading, and who sincerely wish to safeguard the health of our planet.

A look at our culture’s relationship with weather – including our own – and a critical opportunity to expand our world-view beyond the confines of our mainstream perspectives.

An invitation to resurrect the venerable and respected task of the shaman to ensure good relations among the living communities of humans, beings of nature, and the local spirits of our home realm, all my relations.

May we whisper it to the winds.


A deepening of our spiritual understanding of the Middle World and our relationship with the spirits of weather.

We begin to explore the connection between spirit and form, the whirlwind of chaos and order, and where we fit into that dance of cocreation. For this we need to know more about ourselves, and the True Human Being within us.

In Level II our aim is to approach weather shamanism with a high degree of awareness. This quality of deep attention, and full-embodied respect is essential for relating with Middle World spirits and powers.

It is the “knowing” path of direct experience.

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